Thames & Spring Streetscape Improvements Project

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Public engagement is an important component of the Thames and Spring Streetscape Improvement Project, and is a critical element of an open and inclusive community planning process. Planning processes work when stakeholders are involved. For this project, broad public engagement is essential for three fundamental reasons:

  • Stakeholders whether they be residents, bicyclists, shoppers, business owners, delivery service workers, landlords, or tourists experience a place in different ways through their interactions. Their combined input will help to understand the full range of assets and challenges that need to be addressed to create a place that is special for everyone.
  • Active participation by the residents and commercial interests helps build consensus around the best solutions for improving the Thames and Spring Street corridors, one that truly meets their needs and helps them achieve their vision for the future.
  • Public participation will help move this project from planning to implementation

We encourage you to get involved in as many ways as you can. Attend a public workshop, participate on EngageNewport, follow the posts on Facebook, distribute information to your networks and invite them to participate. There are so many ways to make this project successful the first step is to get involved. Please check out the listing of events on this page, and click on the links for MindMixer and Facebook to continue the conversation outside of public events.


November 18 & 19, 2014 - Public Workshops  

Thank you to everyone that participated in the three events on November 18th and 19th!

View the presentations from each evening event »

Project Contact

Sharon A. Penny, Executive Assistant - Public Services, City of Newport - Phone: 401-845-5840 | Email