Thames & Spring Streetscape Improvements Project
Photos of Thames and Spring streets

Project Background

Thames and Spring Streets play an important role in Newport, both historically and present day. They not only serve as important thoroughfares for transporting people, goods and services throughout Newport and beyond, but the rich and diverse architecture, prominent location, and access to businesses and the waterfront make them excellent gateways for residents and visitors alike. 

The goals of this project are to:

  • Balance the diverse needs of pedestrians, bicycles, automobiles, services vehicles and transit using a “complete streets” approach.
  • Identify key roadway design improvements that enhance these two streets as places and circulation facilities
  • Incorporate sustainable design principles and green technologies in the final design
  • Provide for onsite stormwater drainage to protect our waterways from urban runoff pollutants
  • Identify needed lighting upgrades to improve the streetscape visually and to embrace energy efficient techniques

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Project Contact

Sharon A. Penny, Executive Assistant - Public Services, City of Newport - Phone: 401-845-5840 | Email